(MANILA, PHILIPPINES) – In spite of the challenges facing the mining industry now, employees of Philex Mining Corporation, one of the oldest and largest gold and copper producers in Southeast Asia

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and a leader in right and principled mining, contributed at least one hour of their salary to the One Hour Campaign of the Children’s Hour Philippines Foundation. On hand to be acknowledged on behalf of the employees during the Children’s Hour Annual Benefit Lunch at the Fairmont Hotel were: (L-R) Davis Macaraeg, President of the Philex Pasig Metro Manila Employees Union (PPMMEU); Geraldine Ateno-an, Philex Division Manager – Internal Audit; Atty. Michael Toledo, Children’s Hour Philippines Vice-Chairman; Emily Abrera, Children’s Hour Philippines Chairperson; Atty. Francis Joseph Ballesteros, Jr., Philex Division Manager – Public and Regulatory Affairs; Emilia Lourdes Veloso, Philex Human Resources Supervisor; and Geenette Garcia, Children’s Hour Philippines Executive Director. 30