Coffee farming is one of the popular livelihood projects in Padcal

The Company’s Livelihood Program is focused on building partnerships, empowering individuals, and promoting stakeholder accountability to help build self-reliant and sustainable communities. Through these initiatives, PMC is espousing the view that the Company is more than just an “obligated provider” but in fact a partner for development. Projects implemented under the Livelihood Program vary from farming and other agroforestry practices, to establishing cooperatives to small-scale trading. This allows stakeholders the opportunity to live their dreams on entrepreneurship while being supported by the technical expertise provided or facilitated by PMC. The Livelihood Program awarded to the mining community depends on its geographical orientation, availability of raw materials, and viability of their product and presence of required skills.

Padcal Mine
In Padcal Mine, for instance, the latest technology for processing local agricultural products, such as in coffee farming and mushroom growing, is shared with the host and neighboring communities. Other simple income-generating projects, like honey bee keeping, vegetable growing, and loom weaving are also being supported and encouraged as a means of livelihood to the communities.

Mushroom growing as an alternative means of vegetable farming in Padcal

As a preparation for mine decommissioning, entrepreneurial skills for business opportunities are enhanced and nurtured at the Company’s Community-Based Business Technology Centers (CBTC). Among the popular ventures currently promoted under this program are meat processing, livestock raising, aquaculture and coffee farming.

The overarching goal of these programs is to transform Philex employees, their families and individuals in host and neighboring communities to become self-reliant, sustainable, and independent.

Silangan Project
Among the programs being pursued in the Silangan Project are livestock dispersal, vegetable farming, and backyard gardening. Other practical skills, such as carpentry, masonry, and plumbing, are also being encouraged and sharpened through the provision of technical training and seminars.  

One of the livelihood projects in Silangan