Our management is responsible for Philex Mining Corporation’s successful implementation of the strategy and direction as approved by the Board. The management is represented by a Management Committee (ManCom) composed of the corporate officers and executives headed by the President and CEO. Weekly meetings are conducted by the ManCom to ensure implementation of major policies and directions governing the company and its subsidiaries. It reports to the Board during regular Board meetings or during special meetings through the President and CEO. The annual performance of the management is assessed through the specific criteria of evaluation, which is referred to as Key Results Area (KRA). The management attends structured executive training and development, including training on compensation and benefit plans and on succession planning.

List of Officers

  • Eulalio B. Austin, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Barbara Anne C. Migallos, Corporate Secretary
  • Danny Y. Yu, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President for Finance
  • Michael T. Toledo, Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs
  • Manuel A. Agcaoili, Senior Vice President & Padcal Resident Manager
  • Redempta P. Baluda, Vice President for Exploration
  • Joan A. De Venecia, Vice President for Legal
  • Victor A. Francisco, Vice President for Environment & Community Relations