Flag ceremony at St. Louis High School – Philex

PMC constantly advocates good education within and around its areas of operation. In Padcal, for instance, the Company sponsors a private elementary school and the St. Louis High School-Philex and runs a Technical Livelihood Education (TLE) center for extra-curricular purposes.

The Company offers free private primary education at the Philex Mines Elementary School within the Padcal Mine. To date, the elementary school has produced more than 100,000 graduates since its inception in 1960.  

Students at Philex Mines Elementary School


The private school, St. Louis High School-Philex, is likewise heavily subsidized and has served more than 40,000 students since the 1970’s. The average annual operating cost for running these schools is PhP 26 million.


Electrical Installation and Maintenance Program for the Technical Vocation Course in partnership with TESDA


                       Lessons on practical electrical skills continue at Saint Louis High School-Philex

Full scholarships are also granted to deserving college students. In addition, the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), a 25-day summer job campaign, is offered to high school and college students to help augment their financial sources. The Technical Vocational Scholarship is likewise offered to secondary school graduates who cannot continue their college education. PMC also implements Adopt-A-School Program by helping renovate schools in our host and neighboring communities.




Lessons on practical electrical skills continue at Saint Louis High School-Philex

As a long-term commitment, SMMCI maintains its annual distribution of school supplies to eleven (11) elementary schools and three (3) secondary schools within its host communities benefitting more or less 5,000 students and teachers.  

For CY 2020, the distribution of school supplies was limited to plastic portfolio bags without the usual notebooks and writing pads to adopt to the modular distance learning program of the Department of Education (DepEd). SMMCI also distributed existing material resources that were used in the various Brigada Eskwela activities such as cement, bond papers and paints.

Bulawan Project
Even under Care & Maintenance, the Bulawan project constructed Day Care Centers to help prepare pre-schoolers prepare for eventual regular schooling. Nutrition programs are also being implemented to help address child malnutrition in the communities.  
Provision of school materials for the host pupils