The Company’s Investor Relations program adheres to strict transparency and disclosure rules as well as investor communication and financial reporting standards, in line with global best practices in corporate governance.

Disclosure & Transparency
The Company is committed to the highest standards of disclosure, transparency and fairness in information dissemination to the business and investment community and all its shareholders. The Company provides the public with strategic, operating and financial information through adequate and timely disclosures to the regulatory bodies, such as the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).
Along with regular periodic reports, PMC discloses all material information about the Company that may have an impact on valuation, stock price and trading volume of its listed securities. All financial and non-financial, structured and unstructured disclosures are immediately posted on the Company Disclosures section of the Company’s website: //

In 2016, the Company produced 41 structured disclosures to the PSE, which included regular monthly reports, Press Releases and financial reports through the SEC Forms 17-Q and 17-A. In addition, the Company also developed 52 unstructured disclosures, mostly in the form of Material Transactions and Clarification of News Items, among others.

Interim and Annual Results
PMC addresses the various information requirements of the investing public through its Investor Relations, Shareholder Concerns and Corporate Governance Division. To adhere to best practices, the Company dutifully
accomplishes and submits interim and annual reports normally before the deadline prescribed by the regulatory agencies.

Financial Reporting
The Company’s financial statements comply with the Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) and the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS), which are in general compliance with International Accounting Standards. The accounting policies adopted in 2016 were consistent with those of the previous financial year, except for the implementation of new and amended PFRS and Philippine interpretations of International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC). The changes in Accounting Policies are fully explained in the Notes to the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements.

Glossy Annual and Sustainability Reports
The Company develops award-winning Annual and Sustainability Reports to disclose to the investing public and all stakeholders the Company’s initiatives towards economic, environmental, social and corporate governance (EESG) reporting.

The Annual Report conveys the economic and governance aspects of the EESG framework, primarily through the financial and operating performances of the preceding year as well as the plans moving forward, and via the corporate governance section which discusses the Company’s compliance with best practices in the field. In addition, the Sustainability Report addresses the environmental and social components of the EESG Reporting framework, through the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) initiative, which cover, among others, rehabilitation and reforestation initiatives, and air, land and water quality management at the Padcal Mine site, and
the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) campaign, which showcases stakeholder development, particularly of the host and neighboring communities, indigenous peoples (IP) and employees, through projects that were undertaken in the areas of operation. 


The Company has also received several awards for the 2015 Annual Report and 2015 Sustainability Report. Specifically, the 2015 Annual Report (Depth) received a Silver Anvil Award while the 2014 Annual Report garnered
both a Gold Anvil Award and a Silver Award in the Mercom Annual Report Competition (ARC) International Awards. The 2015 Annual Sustainability Report, meanwhile, received a Gold Anvil Award.

Investor Meetings and Engagements
The Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Governance, make themselves available throughout the year for meetings with institutional investors and stock
market analysts through pre-arranged company visits, site tours, and teleconferences.

Analyst site visit in Padcal

The Company, upon invitation, attends local and international investor conferences, corporate days and non-deal roadshows, to expand the Company’s investor base and coverage. The Investor Relations desk likewise directly communicates with these investors through one on-one meetings, calls and written communications. 

Furthermore, the Company’s Investor Relations and Corporate Governance Division continues to address the concerns of the investing community. In addition to the interim financial statements provided quarterly, operating
statistics and other vital information are also disseminated to both equity and credit analysts, in a format that is convenient and handy, to aid in their analysis and valuation of the Company. Analyst briefings were conducted 
via teleconferences to be more convenient and easily accessible to both local and foreign analysts. In 2016, the Company held five (5) Analysts Briefings, via teleconferencing.

Reporting of Transactions and Trading Black -outs
The Company strictly adheres to the guidelines covering securities dealings to promote fairness and comply with existing government regulations. Changes in personal shareholdings of directors and key officers of the Company, resulting from open market transactions or the grant of shares from incentive-based schemes implemented by the Company, are reported to the SEC and PSE using the prescribed formats and within the specified deadlines.

The Company strictly enforces and monitors compliance with its policy on insider trading, which prohibits trading of Company securities during prescribed periods by the following covered persons:
• Members of the Board of Directors;
• Members of the Management Team; and
• Employees who have been made aware of undisclosed material information with respect to the Company and its operations

The blackout period begins thirty (30) calendar days prior to the disclosure of the Annual Financial Results until two full trading days thereafter. For the quarterly results, the blackout period begins fifteen (15) calendar days before the release of the structured disclosure until two (2) full trading days after the date of the disclosure. Shown below is the schedule of release of the Company’s interim and full year results for the calendar year 2016.

In cases of non-structured disclosures of other material information, employees in possession of price sensitive information are reminded not to trade in the Company’s sh ares from the time they come into possession of any material information and up to two (2) full trading days after the information is disclosed to the public. The blackout period for employees not previously privy to such material information shall commence on the date the information is disclosed and until two full trading days from such disclosure. Reminders on these guidelines are provided periodically.

Insider Trading
PMC consistently enforces a policy encompassing share transactions, in compliance with existing government laws against insider trading. In 2016, there was no case of insider trading involving Company directors or management.

Compliance Officer
Mr. Romeo B. Bachoco, the Company’s CFO and Senior Vice President for Finance, is also the Compliance Officer designated to ensure adherence with best practices as well as compliance with all regulations that cover the Company. 

Shareholder Engagement

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