• Practices honesty and sincerity in word and deed
  • Honors commitments
  • Speaks up when situations warrant commendation or correction


  • Listens to and considers ideas or points of view of others
  • Extends help while respecting the roles of others in doing the job
  • Acknowledges team effort in success and collective responsibility over failure

Respect for Individuals

  • Practices gender and cultural sensitivity
  • Shows authentic concern to promote individual welfare
  • Examines own biases and behavior to avoid judgmental reactions

Work Excellence

  • Produces work results in a timely, accurate, and safe manner
  • Constantly learns, innovates, amends, and improves services and processes
  • Consistently delivers superior quality of work

Corporate Responsibility

  • Advocates Philex Mining as a responsible mining company
  • Manifests core values in both professional and personal circumstances
  • Upholds the Philex Mining Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Social & Environment Responsibility

  • Shows genuine concern toward its host and neighboring communities to improve quality of life
  • Supports and practices the environment, safety, and health guidelines of Philex Mining
  • Actively participates in the company’s community development and environmental programs