The 32-meter suspension footbridge, in Sitio Sta. Fe, Brgy. Ampucao, in Benguet’s Itogon town, which Padcal Mines turned over to the local government on Sept. 13, 2013

Philex allots P118M for Padcal’s 2014 social projects, IEC, DMTG

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The bulk of SDMP budget goes to livelihood projects

Philex Mining Corp.•€™s Padcal Mines, in Benguet, has P117.78 million to spend this year for its social projects, information campaign, and research for the development of the mining industry, as part of its commitment for sustainable development and to implement government requirements.  

In two separate reports submitted to the regional office of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), in Baguio City on Feb. 28, Padcal•€™s Community Relations (ComRel) Department noted that the amount being required by government is only P101.5 million, or 1.5 percent of the company•€™s total operating cost of P6.77 billion for 2013.  

ComRel Manager Feliciano Diso, Jr. said, however, that there is a carry-over fund of P16.3 million from last year•€™s P74.04 million intended for Padcal•€™s Social Development and Management Program (SDMP), Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) campaign, and the Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences (DMTG).  

The report titled •€œ2014 Annual Social Development and Management Program•€ indicates an SDMP budget of P86.5 million, which makes up the P76.1-million budget for the year plus a carry over of P10.4 million from last year.  

The budget for the IEC, on the other hand, amounts to P20.1 million, or P15.2 million for this year plus the P4.88 million carried over from 2013, according to the report titled •€œ2014 Annual Information Education and Communication Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences Program.•€ For the DMTG, Padcal has set aside P10.15 million for this year, or a total of P11.1 million including the carry over from last year of P983,305.  

€œGenerally, Philex Mining Corp. aims to increase public awareness and education on responsible mining and support programs for the advancement of mining technology and geosciences programs,•€ the report on IEC and DMTG said.  

Among the activities under the IEC program are the learning of best mining practices and sharing these with the stakeholders, as well as showcasing these on various events through sponsorships. The DMTG program, meanwhile, includes supporting research scholars working on the development of the mining industry and granting of scholarships to students pursuing academic degrees in mining technology and geosciences.  

Mr. Diso said the bulk of the SDMP budget for this year goes to livelihood projects at P43.85 million, or P50.6 million including the carry over of P6.8 million, while education•€™s amounts to P23.9 million (P26.1 million to include the P2.2-million carry over), and health services have P8.4 million (P9.81 million to include last year•€™s carry over of P1.4 million).  

He added that the budget for public infrastructure is included in the respective projects of livelihood, education, and health. He stressed that Philex Mining has always given importance to infrastructure, such as farm-to-market roads, school buildings, health centers, bridges, water systems, and churches, among other projects.  

œWith our various social projects in the pipeline, we will continue to march on with our commitment for environmental protection and economic progress,•€ he said. •€œAnd there is no better way of showcasing this than by helping in the development of our host and neighboring communities.•€