As of December 31, 2016, the Parent Company has a total manpower complement of 1,982 full-time regular employees (1,879 from Padcal and 103 from Mandaluyong Head Office). Of this, 1,369 were involved in operations while 613 were assigned in various support service functions. The employee classifications according to rank were as follows:

As of end last year, the average tenure of employees was 14 years while the average age was 41 years old. In terms of gender, 93% of the population were male while the remaining 7% were female. The Company does not anticipate any material change in the total number, classification, and gender of all employees within the next twelve months.


The Padcal employees belong to two collective bargaining agents: the Philex Rank-and-File Employees Union-Association of Labor Unions (Trade Union Congress of the Philippines) [PRFEU-ALU (TUCP)] for rank-and-file employees and the Philex Mining Supervisory Employees Union-Association of Professional Supervisory Office Technical Employees Union (Trade Union Congress of the Philippines) [PMSEU-APSOTEU (TUCP)] for supervisors. The five-year collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) with both unions were signed in January 2016 with effectivity up to January 2, 2020 for PRFEU-ALU (TUCP) and up to May 1, 2020 for PMSEU APSOTEU (TUCP).

On the other hand, Head Office rank-and-file employees are members of the Philex Pasig Employees Union. On December 27, 2016, the Philex Pasig Employees Union and the Company executed a Memorandum of Agreement, pending the signing of the formal CBA, on the renegotiation in 2019-2020 to be registered with Department of Labor and Employment.

There has been no major labor dispute or strike by any of the Company’s unions in the past five years. In addition, the Company has no other supplemental benefits or incentive arrangements under its collective bargaining agreements with the unions other than the usual employee benefits, such as vacation and sick leave pays, among others.

Manpower complement, including subsidiaries, totalled 2,023 and 2,111, in 2016 and 2015, respectively.


MVPO 2016
The MVP Olympics (MVPO) is a weeklong celebration of sports activities, aimed at establishing rapport and sportsmanship amongst the MVP group of companies held every two years. Various games/competitions were held, from basketball, volleyball, bowling, chess, table tennis, Frisbee, dodgeball, dance sport, darts, billiards, track and field, golf, fun run, fun games and cheer dancing, to allow employees to showcase their individual and team athletic skills.

Similar to the actual Olympics, the MVPO kicked-off with a parade of colors and production numbers that definitely energized and revitalized the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship among all MVP Group employees.

The PMC contingent (Corporate Office and Padcal) formed a pool of talented members to display their extra-ordinary prowess in billiards, track and field, fun run, bowling and golf. The parade was held on February 26, 2016 at the Meralco compound and, from then on, it was a sports journey until March 5, 2016. PMC’s President and CEO Eulalio B. Austin, Jr. bested his competitors and won the Gold Medal for Golf.

Summer Outing (#Fun in the Sun)
Company summer outings are not only popular for building genuine bonds but also are good catalysts in developing new relationships. This was the essence of PMC Head Office’s teambuilding exercise at All Hands Beach Resort in Subic Bay, where employees displayed camaraderie and enjoyed a fun-filled overnight break. After quite a long time, the Human Resources Division (HRD) successfully revived a corporate activity that provides employees the means to relax, distress, and rejuvenate as a tool to increase productivity. True enough, the Company has succeeded not only in creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the workplace, but developed an organization that promotes teamwork and advocates unity.

The getaway was held on April 8 and 9, 2016 and was well participated in by employees and officers, who took part in the day’s program and exciting activities under the scorching heat of the sun.

Company Sportsfest (Philex Palarong Pinoy)
The HRD, under the direction from its President and CEO, embarked in transforming the traditional annual bowling event to an activity that will include all PMC employees. With this, HRD organized a Filipino-themed sportsfest, dubbed as Philex Palarong Pinoy, which was held last June 03, 2016 at the covered court of the old PMC Head Office Compound in Brixton St., Pasig City.

Several locally-inspired contests, using traditional games as Luksong Tinik, Tren-tren, Sack Race, Patintero and Palo Palayok, were put together as part of the day-long competitions represented by different team colors and participated in by employees. PMC colleagues truly stepped up as they everyone competed as individuals and played as a team while applying the concepts of fair play, honest competition, and good sportsmanship.

Children’s Hour Program
PMC provided employees an avenue to help less fortunate individuals by offering one (1) hour of their annual salary as donation to Children’s Hour Foundation – a fund-raising program that aims to assist underprivileged children in the country. To make the amount more relevant, the Company matched the total collection from employees, which aggregately nearly reached a sum of Php190,000 for 2016. On top of creating social awareness amongst PMC personnel on the existence and advocacy of charitable institutions as Children’s Hour Foundation, it also encouraged employees to share their blessings.

Personality Development Training
With the objectives of instilling professionalism, improving representation and increasing self-esteem and confidence, HRD has organized a Personality Development Training where experts were invited to share their knowledge in enhancing corporate image through proper corporate attires. During the event, consultants in the cosmetic and apparel lines of business inspired PMC employees with up to date fashion styles, complete with make-up tips, appropriate for a corporate setting. A number of employees volunteered in the make-over session, which turned out to be contagiously fun and highly informative.

Other Trainings




Program Title




Date/s of Session


Total Attendance

All Levels

New Employee Orientation


All year


Managers/Senior Officers

Corporate Governance Enhancement Session


07 September  2016


Senior Officers and Directors

Corporate Governance Enhancement Session


23 November 2016


Safety remains a paramount objective at PMC and the Company ensures that employees, their dependents, and people living within the mine site community continue to observe and improve safety awareness and practices through the various activities conducted last year.




Program Title




Date/s of Session


Total Attendance

Supervisors and Rank/Files

Safe Overhead Crane Operation



4-8 April 2016



All Underground Personnel

Underground emergency management



06-08 June 2016

 09-11 June  2016

16-18 June  2016

20-22 June  2016





First Aid Training (Basic)


20-24 June 2016

27 June- 01 July 2016

04-8 July 2016

18-23 July 2016




Defensive Driving Course


25-26 July 2016

27-28 July 2016

29-31 July 2016

1-2 August 2016


Supervisors: Underground and Surface Operations

Incident Investigations, Analysis and Reporting


15-17 September 2016

19-21 September 2016

22-24 September 2016

26-28 September 2016


Employees/community Purok Officers and Dependents

Fire Safety Seminar


05-06 October 2016

07-08 October 2016

10-11 October 2016

12-13 October 2016


Underground Workers

Basic Electrical Safety with LOTOTO


20 April 2016

28 April2016


Supervisors & Rank-in-file

Advance Safety Training


19 September-

20 November 2016


Supervisors/Rank & File

Safety Orientation


26 November 26 –

31 December 2016


As a responsible corporate citizen, PMC provides development programs to several members of society to produce a pipeline of talent for itself, the mining industry, and the rest of the business community in general. The following were the key programs that the Company embarked on in 2016:

2016 Training and Development Programs




Program Title




Date/s of Session


Total Attendance


Basic Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH)


May 2-6, 2016



Trainers Training Course


May 25-27, 2016



Behavior Based Safety


August 30-31, 2016



Take them to a sporting event football, basketball, lacrosse, his comment is here whichever works best for you and your parents