Diversity Policy

The Policy aims to ensure that optimal and sound decision-making is achieved by diversifying the composition of the Company’s Board of Directors .

Board Diversity Policy

Whistle-Blowing Policy
This policy is issued to provide a system and venue for the proper submission, handling, or resolution of employees’ complaints or disclosures regarding violations of corporate governance rules, questionable accounting or auditing matters, and offenses covered by the Company’s existing Code of Discipline or equivalent policy. This policy likewise contains procedures to protect from any retaliation an employee/person who reveals illegal/unethical behavior by others.

Whistle Blowing Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy ensures that all work-related decisions, actions or inactions of Philex Mining’s directors, officers, employees, and consultants are above-board and based on sound business principles and judgment, and devoid of bias or partiality.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Policy on Gifts, Entertainment, and Sponsored Travels
This policy provides the general guidelines for directors, employees, and consultants on how to handle gifts, entertainment, and sponsored travel offered by third parties.

Policy on Gifts, Entertainment, and Sponsored Travels

Vendor Relations Policy
This policy seeks to uphold the highest professional standards of business practices, core values, and ethics in the company’s dealings with its suppliers in the procurement of products and services.

Vendor Relations Policy

Policy on Dealings in Company Shares of Stock
This policy as amended provides guidelines and disclosure requirements on dealings of corporate insiders in shares of stock. The amendment required all concerned directors, officers and/or employees to report to Compliance Officer all respective dealings in company shares within two (2) business days and for the Company to disclose the same within three (3) business days from date of transaction.

Policy on Dealings in Company Shares of Stock

Related Party Transaction (RPT) Policy
This Policy ensures proper review, approval, and reporting of transactions between the Company and Related Parties. This likewise provides the definition of Material and/or Significant RPT based on threshold amount over specific period, and the role of Corporate Governance and Audit Committee with respect to the same.
As matter of policy and procedure, all Material and/or Significant RPT shall be subject to review and endorsement by the Corporate Governance Committee   and with the concurrence of   all Independent Directors prior to approval by the Board.

Related Party Transactions Policy

Directors and Officers’ Orientation and Training Policy
This Policy seeks to formalize the Company’s practice on the orientation and training programs for directors. It applies to all BOD members and officers with the rank of Vice President (VP) and above.

Directors and Officers’ Orientation Policy

Board Performance Appraisal/ Assessment Policy
This policy enables the Board to periodically identify overall strengths and specific areas for improvements based on results of assessment, and to obtain important feedback and views from the members of the Board which will collectively form part of Company’s overall strategy, performance and/or future directions or endeavors.

Board Performance Appraisal/Assessment Policy