Privacy Policy

Whenever applicable, we collect information about visitors to our website.  
We may collect information such as:

•€ your domain name

•€ your name

•€ information about the pages you've viewed

•€ information you have given us (like requests for information or survey information)

•€ email addresses

•€ website registrations

If we ask a third party to fulfill requests for information, we'll give them only the information they need.


By allowing you to access the website, Philex Mining Corp. grants you a permission. By accessing the website, you voluntarily and expressly accept the terms and conditions of this permission.

Pursuant to this permission and subject to the absolute and exclusive right of Philex Mining to vary access to all or any part(s) of the website, you acquire a non-exclusive right to:

•€ View the material on the website

•€ Access material contained on the website

•€ Use the website strictly in accordance with the provisions of this permission.

If you wish to download/copy and use any material contained on the website for a temporary and specific purpose only, such as viewing it offline, you may do so.

However, downloading/copying of materials contained on the website for reproduction or for any other purpose by you may only be done upon receipt of prior written consent from Philex Mining, upon payment of any fee required by Philex Mining, to be paid by you for that use and compliance with any condition Philex Mining may impose for the use of the materials.