Production Updates




Total tonnage is the annual mine throughput and provides the basis for copper and gold production, together with the metal grade and recovery rate.

Impact on Operations

Tonnes milled and ore grade determine concentrates production, sales volume and revenues.
Tonnes milled, ore grade (both head and tail), as well as recovery rate determine the amount of concentrates that will be produced, which in turn will dictate the sales volume and revenues. Additional processes may be applied to Increase the recovery of metal concentrates in cases of low ore grades.
2014 Performance


Tonnes milled in 2014 totaled 9,506,195 tonnes (2013: 7,738,258 tonnes). The Company resumed its Padcal operations on a temporary basis on March 8, 2013 and officially under normal operations on August 27, 2014 after the permanent lifting of the suspension order, thus the full year production in 2014 or 359 days (2013: 299 days).
Metal production also increased to 105,008 ounces of gold in 2014 (2013: 99,802 ounces) and 35,391,154 pounds of copper (2013: 32,495,443 pounds) as a result of higher operating days.