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Corporate Governance Manual

In 2003, Philex Mining Corp.'s Board of Directors and management reaffirmed their commitment to the principles and best practices contained in the company•€™s manual on corporate governance by adopting the first addendum to its Manual on Corporate Governance.

In Feb. 2004, the company adopted as second addendum to the Manual on Corporate Governance the revised disclosure rules of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) prohibiting the communication of material non-public information without simultaneously disclosing the same information to the stock exchange.

In 2005, the company engaged the services of a risk-management consultant as part of its risk-management system under corporate governance. Further to this endeavor, the company formalized in 2007 a risk-management structure for its Padcal operations, the corporate office, and organized committees to oversee its risk-management activities, a comprehensive review of which was done in 2008.

In Feb. 2011, the company filed with the PSE
  Commission its Revised Manual on Corporate Governance  further revised on 31 July 2014 to comply with SEC Memorandum Circular No. 9 Series of 2014.  

Corporate Governance Manual
Revised Corporate Governance Manual, July 31, 2014