Employee Development Programs

The Company respects the dignity and  human rights of its employees, including  the rights guaranteed by existing  labor laws. PMC promotes safety,  non-discrimination, environmental  awareness, and commitment in the  workplace, and supports programs  that champion the engagement and  development of employees.

In 2015, the following learning sessions  
and employee development programs  were conducted by the Company. Each  program is tailor fit for a specific audience  within the organization to ensure focus  and generate the best results.



Program Title

All Levels

New Employee Orientation

All PMSEU/PRFEU Officers

Labor Management Cooperation Orientation Seminar

Newly Promoted Supervisors

Bringing Out The Leader In You


Annual PMAP Conference


Annual Corporate Governance Enhancement Session


2020 Vision: The Future Workforce


Triumph of the Millenials


Facing the Digital Challenges of the Next 10 Years

Environment, Health & Safety  Programs

History has shown that mining and  civilization have always marched in  pairs and supported the advancement  of each other. In a mineral-resource  rich but impoverished country like the  Philippines, the mining industry will  always be in the best position to act as  a catalyst for unlocking the wealth of  the nation to help liberate Filipinos from  poverty and help them build better  lives for themselves and the future  generations.

PMC has adopted safety and health  
management programs to allow it to  undertake projects safely and without  endangering the health of employees,  host communities, indigenous peoples,  and those who may be directly affected  by its mining activities.



Program Title

Mine Supervisors, Rank/File and Contractors

Overhead Crane Maintenance and Operations Seminar

Mine Development Crew and Contractors

Raise Driving Seminar

Newly Promoted Underground Supervisors and Lead men

Accident / Incident Prevention and Safety Awareness Orientation

Frontline Supervisors, Rank/Files and Contractors

Extremities Injury Prevention/ Worksite Organization Seminar

Supervisors, Rank/Files and Contractors

First Aid Training

Managers, Supervisors, Rank/Files and Contractors   engaged in hot works

Hot Work and Fire Watch Seminar

Purok/Zone Officers and Residents

July National Disaster Consciousness Month Awareness Orientation

Managers, Supervisors, Rank/Files and Contractors

Defensive Driving Orientation

Neighboring and Host Community ERT Crew and Volunteers

Barangay Emergency Response Training

All Underground Personnel and Contractors

Underground Emergency Management

Underground Supervisors and Rank/Files

Mine Rescue Seminar

Oceana Gold Representative

Mine Rescue Seminar

Employees, Purok Officers and Dependents

Fire Safety Seminar