PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE--Philex builds communities

We invest on the improvement of public infrastructure to help communities have better access to basic services by implement infrastructure projects in partnership with the host and neighboring communities. Consultation processes take place between the local people and the company for the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects.  

Padcal Mines

Strengthening people's organizations such as NKBB (Nagkahiusang Kababaihan sa Brgy.
Boyongan--United Women of Brgy. Boyongan) has always been at the top of SMMCI's priority
with backyard gardening as their pilot project

Silangan Project

Believing in the credo that "water is life," Philex Mining makes sure that it host and neighboring
communities gets consistent and reliable water supply by partnering with the community in
constructing water in-take boxes across the community. The one above benefits more than a
hundred households in Brgy. Capayahan, Tubod