Community Empowerment--Health

Community Development Principles

Philex is guided by the following principles and commitments on how to work with and for the community in order to help in their development and eventually contribute to nation building:

•€       Commits to improve the quality of life of partner communities by working towards sustainable resource management   by combining local knowledge and skills with appropriate technologies;

•€       Acknowledges that communities are capable of making responsible decision and that their active and meaningful participation is essential in addressing poverty and environmental degradation;

•€       Believes that partnership among stakeholders and the sharing of resources, capabilities, and responsibilities are key to community development and sound environmental management; and

•€       Believes that resource conservation and community development projects should be geared towards self-reliance.

We care for the health and well-being of the people as we implement different health programs suitable in the communities where we are.

Padcal Mines
Our operating Padcal mines•€™ Philex-Sto. Nino Hospital caters to our employees, their families, and the host and neighboring communities.  

Forty minutes away from Baguio proper, Sto. Nino Hospital is more than a blessing to
residents  of the bustling Padcal mining community and its neighboring towns catering to more
than 6,000  patients a year

On the average, it serves 350 out-patients daily who enjoy free consultation, medicines and treatment.  
The Health program also conducts regular medical & dental clinics, trainings on health awareness, first-aid and herbal medicines for communities that are far from our hospital.

Silangan Exploration Project
Various medical and health projects are also being implemented in Silangan exploration project including cataract and cleft palate operations, community blood banking, and medical and dental outreaches.

Heeding community call for healthcare, medical specialists teamed up as SMMCI
organized the  recently concluded Medical and Dental Mission catering to 1,200
beneficiaries, all coming from the seven barangay of Placer Municipality

The company also provides for accident and health insurance for the local leaders in our host barangays.

Bulawan Project
The Bulawan project, despite being in a Care and Maintenance status, also continues to cater for community health care thru various medical missions and by providing medical equipment to the local Community Health Centers.