EDUCATION--Philex educates communities

We give high premium on good education as it values the future of the youth.   The company believes that proper education will help ensure a quality life for them.  

Padcal Mines

In the operating mine, we implement •€œAdopt-A-School Program•€ by helping renovate local schools in our host and neighboring communities.

In Padcal Mines camp, free private elementary education is given at the Philex Mines Elementary School. To date the elementary school has more than 100,000 graduates since 1960•€™s.

The likewise private   Philex-Saint Louis High School is heavily subsidized by the company having graduated around 40,000 students since 1970•€™s. Average annual operating cost of these schools is PhP 23 million.   Full scholarships are also granted to deserving college students.
A Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), which is a 25-day summer job, is offered to high school and college students to help them in their financial needs.
The Technical Vocational Scholarship is also offered to high school graduates who cannot enter college level.    

Silangan Exploration Project
Our exploration project provides scholarships for non-Indigenous People and Indigenous People who are likewise given special tutorial lesson.

When a classroom means more than just a room but an opportunity for education:
additional classroom donated by SMMCI added another learning avenue to
student of then Mahukdam  Primary School enabling the school to cater now to
grades 5 and 6 students as well.

Making education now a reality to the Mamanwa IP community of Cantugas:
finishing touches are put to the Cantugas Cultural Minorities School donated by
SMMCI in Brgy. Cantugas, Mainit that caters to more than a hundred students

Philex believes that a prerequisite for learning is a conducive environment that is why we strongly invest in the rehabilitation of schools.

Bulawan Project
In our Care & Maintenance Bulawan project, Day Care Centers were constructed to help prepare pre-schoolers for regular schooling.
Nutrition programs are also being implemented in schools to help address child malnutrition in the communities as well as school improvement and materials.